Amateur Radio Net

An amateur radio net, or simply ham net, is an “on-the-air” gathering of amateur radio operators. Most nets convene on a regular schedule and specific frequency, and are organized for a particular purpose, such as relaying messages, discussing a common topic of interest, in severe weather (for example, during a Skywarn activation), emergencies, or simply as a regular gathering of friends for conversation. More…


Current Nets In The Area


Barron County Amateur Radio Association Inc. | Thursday evening at 7PM on 146.715 – (110.9)

Tri County Repeater Association | Thursday evening at 8PM on 145.470 – (110.9)

Polk County Amateur Radio Association | Monday evening at 9PM on 147.195 + (110.9)

Burnett-Washburn Radio Association | Monday evening at 9PM on 146.970 & 147.045 & 146.625