Barron County Amateur Radio Frequencies

We have 3 repeaters here in Barron County that we maintain. Our VHF repeater located just west of Barron Wisconsin is on a frequency of 146.715 and uses a PL tone of 110.9. We also have two UHF repeater, one located in Rice Lake Wisconsin on a frequency of 444.450 with a DCS tone of 351 and the second is located in Dallas Wisconsin on a frequency of 443.650 with a DCS tone of 351. Note that our Dallas UHF (System Fusion) repeater has Yaesu’s Wires-x connected to the repeater.

We have one of the WIN repeaters located in Rice Lake on a frequency of 442.100 and uses a PL tone of 110.9. We are also listing N9LIE’s 6 meter repeater located in Holcumbe that is on a frequency of 52.810 and this repeater also uses a PL tone of 110.9.

System FusionYaesu System Fusion

System Fusion is Yaesu’s implementation of Digital Amateur Radio, utilizing C4FM 4-level FSK Technology to transmit digital voice and data over the Amateur radio bands. In the early 2000’s GMSK emerged in the Amateur radio market as the dominant digital mode, however in 2013 Yaesu introduced “System Fusion” which quickly became the dominating digital format in Amateur radio because of quality, reliability and enhanced performance in a wide range of environments.


Wires-XThe Yaesu WIRES-X HRI-200 (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System) enables Internet to RF communications that expands the range of amateur radio using internet enabled Voice-over-IP technology. With WIRES-X, an amateur node station connected to the Internet and Interfaced to the WIRES-X HRI-200 unit can communicate using VoIP over long distances reliably with ease.

Barron County, Wisconsin Amateur Radio Repeaters

144.5000110.9Barron CountyBarronLocal Simplex
444.4500 +DCS 351Rice LakeBarronKD9EJAON AIR
443.6500 +DCS 351BarronBarronKD9EJAON AIR
146.7150 -110.9BarronBarronKD9EJAON AIR
442.1000 +110.9Rice LakeBarronWI9WINON AIR

Local Repeater Map